BILSTEIN has and continues to make the safety of our team and our visitors our #1 priority.  As we continue to keep safety at the forefront of our minds while we navigate through these uncertain times, we have implemented new safety polices that we expect each member of our team and visitors to understand and follow whenever in our plant.

Do not come to the Plant if you are feeling ill or have a temperature. We ask that before arrival, you take your temperature at home. If you do not have a temperature, please know that all persons coming into our plant must understand the requirement of wearing a mask when they are in our facility as well as maintaining social distancing, a minimum of 6 feet.  Proper hand washing should occur often, and the travel questionnaire must be completed and returned to us prior to arriving. We have disposable masks we can provide if you do not have one.


All outside visitors must review and complete the forms below, and return copies to their point of contact before arriving to our facility.

If you have any questions, please contact our Health and Safety manager, Stephanie Flannery ( Thank you!


Required Forms: