·         Cleaning Supplies

We have plenty of Pine-Sol and spray bottles available in the safety office if you need some for your area.  Used full-strength, it’s an approved disinfectant for bacteria and viruses. The spray bottles will need to be re-labeled as Pine-Sol. We’re asking everyone to clean their work areas three times a shift. A flyer is available here to post.

·         Hand Sanitizer

       We have bulk containers of hand sanitizer with a pump, so if you have a container that needs refilled, just bring it by the safety office. It’s sitting outside the office on the cabinets. We also have small pump bottles of hand sanitizer to put at various workstations throughout the plant, so if you need one, just stop by to get one.

·         Anti-Fog Glasses Wipes

      We have anti-fog wipes that can be used to clean safety glasses and help reduce fogging caused by masks. These are available in several Fastenal Machines (Aftermarket on the South end of the building by the restrooms, OE by the maintenance cage, and Paint). They will be available in the BLC machines by the end of the week. We have a box sitting on the cabinet outside the safety office as well.   

·         Visitors/Contractors

       All the same guidelines are in place for visitors and contractors with regard to safety. We have added three additional requirements: contractors/visitors need to be approved by the department head, they need to complete a travel questionnaire and safety acknowledgement before they come. They are available at the links provided, and also on the website at:

·         Masks

       You are permitted to wear your own mask/face covering. It needs to have two layers. If in doubt, see the safety team.  We have cloth masks ready to distribute to employees returning next week, and will get those to the PUL’s this week to hand out. Be sure you are washing your cloth masks regularly; the best way is to hand-scrub them in a sink with hot water and soap, then hang to dry. We have some of the 3D printed masks available as well; stop by the safety office if you would like one.

·         Temperature Scanners

       We have installed two temperature scanning stations so far, one in the AM break room and one in the main OE break room.  We are working on procuring additional stations and will eventually have one at all main entrances, including the BTC and BLC. For right now, if you’re working in the main plant, please go to one of the temperature scanning stations and get your temperature checked before starting your shift. It uses a thermography camera to check your skin temperature, then you scan your badge and a sticker will print with the date – please place this on your badge where visible daily.

·         OE Break Room

      The main break room has been reorganized for social distancing and a one-way traffic flow designated. Follow the arrows and footprints on the floor to get to temperature scanner (6 foot distance has been designated if there is a line). The main employee entrance is an enter only door now (emergency exit only) and the door to the side patio/smoking area is an Exit Only (the door will be locked and you will not be able to enter that way – please go around to the front employee entrance).

·         Returning Employees

       If you have employees returning next week that have been out for a while, there are some guidelines that we need to orient them to. We have a packet of information for them to review and sign off on, and they will need a mask issued to them. Get with me if you haven’t already and I’ll make sure you have everything you need.

·         Social Distancing on Breaks

      Please make sure all employees are always practicing social distancing, even while on break. Do not sit together in each other’s cars, and do not stand too close at the smoking areas, especially if your mask is off.


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