Frontline Leadership Program

Frontline leaders are empowered to lead 80 percent of our workforce. As the majority of frontline leaders have been promoted to their roles, we strive to help our leaders develop the confidence and skills to bring out the best in our teammates. The Frontline Leadership Program is a two day, off-site interactive class led by Definity Partners focusing on three areas: people, process and performance. In addition, this course covers nine crucial competencies: safety, setting high standards, empowering people, building and displaying confidence, developing people, appropriate recognition, building trust, continuous improvement and leading effective daily huddles.

Bilsteiners who have successfully completed FLL

Program development is extended with a 90-day skill applications period where Frontline Leaders apply their newly learned skill sets throughout our facility within their teams. Within this time frame, our leaders are paired with a mentor and Definity coach to assess and grow their leadership abilities. Over 250 of our Bilsteiners have strengthened their leadership capabilities through this hands-on, comprehensive program that supports them in any way needed to foster confident, skilled company leaders.

Kick Start Program (KSP)

KSP class is a mandatory two-week, in-house paid training program for new employees that covers BILSTEIN core topics.  As of January 2015, KSP classes are taught by resident experts and provides the tools and resources necessary to successfully complete the 90-day introductory period.  We want to provide all On-Boarders with a detailed overview of our production processes, from start to finish, and introduce them to our brand, products and customers.

Week one of KSP consists of three full days of classroom training. Here, on-boarders will learn topics covering HR policy, benefits, safety, an introduction to six of our support departments, company expectations and an overview of the automotive industry.

Week two is on-the-job training with a trainer and includes daily assessments to measure the engagement and retention of week one’s information. The time spent in the assigned work area during the training week allows on-boarders to apply classroom knowledge to the job at hand.