At thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN, the expectation for Quality is excellence. We strive for a “Safety First, Quality Always” culture. This cultural atmosphere is centered around our Quality Policy: Every one of us is responsible for the quality of our work. This Policy can be broken down even further into our Strategy/KPIs and Annual Quality Objectives.

The customer decides what quality is! It is important for us as a company to thoroughly explain to all employees about the quality of our products and our work. In order to create this uniform understanding, BILSTEIN introduced a new quality policy. It represents the values that show our understanding of quality. This policy does not only focus on individual employee groups but on all employees. Because every one of us contribute to meet our customers’ requirements and thereby ensures that our products have exactly the right quality.

We see failures as an opportunity!

Everyone knows the saying “You learn from your mistakes”. Every mistake offers the opportunity to draw the right conclusions from it and to improve. We should, therefore, understand failures as opportunities and make consistent use of the potential that results from them. 

When a mistake happens, we make sure that the cause is identified and failure is eliminated such that it does not happen again. In addition, we look for other areas where the failure could occur and implement action.

BILSTEIN’s largest contributor in the cost of our shock absorbers is the procurement of supplier components and services. For this reason the component procurement is of vital importance for the success of BILSTEIN and therefore all of us. 


The fulfillment of all BILSTEIN requirements concerning safety, environment and compliance by our suppliers is mandatory for successful cooperation. The fulfillment of legal, governmental, regulatory and customer-specific requirements are important cornerstones of the controlled supply chain.

Continuous Improvement has a beginning, but no end.


Continuous Improvement describes the idea of a never-ending cycle to critically question existing processes, procedures and routines at all company levels. In addition, Continuous Improvement constantly optimizes in small incremental steps. he goal is to continuously and consistently achieve improvements in quality and productivity.

We have utilized the “we can do more” slogan by weaving it into the fabric of our BILSTEIN quality policy. As a central element and the fourth pillar of our quality policy, Continuous Improvement is pivotal to our quality management system.