Co-Op and Internship Programs

The BILSTEIN of America Internship/Co-Op Program provides mentoring and learning opportunities to help develop skills, network and hands-on experience working in the automotive and manufacturing industry. We created a Youth Apprenticeship program to ensure we have an elite talent pool to choose from in the future. Interns, co-ops and young apprentices become Bilsteiners to work alongside teammates and managers on real projects that have measurable effects for business.

BILSTEIN seeks and offers more than 20 internship and co-op opportunities each year within manufacturing, quality, engineering, finance, information technology and human resources. Co-Ops and interns will become a Bilsteiner at the beginning of the apprenticeship program and attend an in-depth orientation where they will learn more about thyssenkrupp and BILSTEIN. From there, projects will be assigned and our new Bilsteiners will be trusted to develop out and execute their plans. All of our apprenticeship programs culminate with interns findings and recommendations made through a presentation to applicable managers and employees at the end of the employment period.

Our Young Apprenticeship program combines on-the-job learning with an industry-recognized certification through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) while earning high school seniors college credit.



Our internship opportunities are short-term, typically working part-time throughout one semester, while co-ops work full-time during a longer period of time taking place during fall and/or spring semester. We require all of our interns/co-ops to be at a sophomore status or above exemplifying strong academic credentials of a 3.0 GPA or higher. For available internship, co-op and apprenticeship positions and criteria, contact Michelle Schmidt.

work+ Program

work+ benefits

work+ makes it possible for students to earn a college degree debt-free! The program is meant to keep students employed for 2-5 years in various roles of production.

work+ is a program that connects Miami University Regional students with local employers for a year-round work study program in which the student has the opportunity to graduate debt-free. Students must be enrolled as full-time in an associates or bachelor’s degree program and commit to working approximately 24 hours per week throughout the entire year with a work+ employer (in this case, us!). Once all of the conditions of the work+program and their employment are met, we will pay the balance of your tuition.

Project Life


Project LIFE is an Internship Program with a focus of building foundational skills needed for work, adulthood and social aspects of daily life for  young adults with disabilities. This high school transition program, sponsored by Butler Tech, is designed to assist disabled individuals, ages 18-21, who are in need of additional development of on-the-job work skills.

Project LIFE interns come to BILSTEIN of America for 2.5 hours a day on a weekly basis to acquire additional training and experience. 

For more information about BILSTEIN’s involvement with Project LIFE, contact Kelly Mulhull.