BILSTEIN North America



BILSTEIN has mastered the technique of creating a culture of “we”, because we are Better Together. Throughout our manufacturing plant, our employees experience passion in their work and pride in what they do. We are safe, sustainable and successful.

BILSTEIN culture yields strong, creative personalities in a challenging, yet fun and encouraging setting. We embrace our shared values, such as team spirit, communication, success-driven mindsets and respect for customers, employees, shareholders and investors while welcoming different perspectives, people and practices to foster a diverse, people-oriented company culture.

Our people-oriented mindset provides an uplifting, encouraging atmosphere to enjoy throughout the work week. Managers and Supervisors build personal relationships with their teams to ensure open and honest communication at all levels of the organization. We maintain this environment by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth through comprehensive on-boarding programs such as Frontline Leadership and Kick Start Program (KSP). We are dedicated, ambitious, open to new ideas and embrace enthusiasm as our work style.

thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN of America employees are as diverse as our activities around the world: from plant mechanics and production managers to account representatives and project managers. Our skilled employees make us a reliable partner of the automotive industry in safety, chassis and drive.

Company Values at Plant Hamilton

We understand personal well-being comes first and we live it by example every day. 

We own our actions and are not afraid to make decisions and learn from mistakes if it leads to continuous improvement.

We motivate ourselves and others to ensure we put forth our best effort daily. 

We think out-of-the-box to deliver best-in-class products and maintain our position as a technology leader. 

We lead by example in every situation, regardless of hierarchies, to empower ourselves and others. 

We value honest and transparent communication and actively live a speak-up culture.

We leverage our strengths by combining passion with technology to ensure we are well equipped for the future. There, as Bilsteiners, we…