BILSTEIN has mastered the technique of creating a culture of “we”, because we are Better Together. Throughout our manufacturing plant, our employees experience passion in their work and pride in what they do. We are safe, sustainable and successful.

BILSTEIN culture yields strong, creative personalities in a challenging, yet fun and encouraging setting. We embrace our shared values, such as team spirit, communication, success-driven mindsets and respect for customers, employees, shareholders and investors while welcoming different perspectives, people and practices to foster a diverse, people-oriented company culture.

Our people-oriented mindset provides an uplifting, encouraging atmosphere to enjoy throughout the work week. Managers and Supervisors build personal relationships with their teams to ensure open and honest communication at all levels of the organization. We maintain this environment by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth through comprehensive on-boarding programs such as Frontline Leadership and Kick Start Program (KSP). We are dedicated, ambitious, open to new ideas and embrace enthusiasm as our work style.

thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN of America employees are as diverse as our activities around the world: from plant mechanics and production managers to account representatives and project managers. Our skilled employees make us a reliable partner of the automotive industry in safety, chassis and drive.

Company Values at Plant Hamilton

We jointly pursue a forward-facing safety and health culture, while taking a systematic approach to continually improving the health and well-being of our employees. Each employee is equipped and expected to take an active role in creating and maintaining a safe place to work. Our Safety and Health team has recently added a full-time occupational nurse and life-coach to ensure the physical and mental health of our employees.

Together with our customers, we find the answer to every challenge while simultaneously developing new technology to support and exceed their dampening needs. Working constantly to improve our relations with our customers and to optimally fulfill our customers’ needs are the fundamental preconditions for ensuring long-term business relationships.

Accountability is a major key to BILSTEIN’s success. We hold our team members, line employees, frontline leaders, managers and company leaders responsible for thinking above the line in addressing both success and failure, taking direct responsibility for situations through personal steps to solve and overcome issues and not becoming a victim for individual or collective results.

Teamwork is, without a doubt, what keeps BILSTEIN operating smoothly and consistently. Every day, we make it our mission to grow and develop as leaders and as teammates. While our plants are broken out into smaller teams, we operate as one  embracing our culture of we.

BILSTEIN fosters innovation and creativity in an open and diverse environment. Engineering is our forte, and we relentlessly cultivate our creative energy to keep us ahead of our competitors. We harness the creative power of our employees to develop high-quality products, intelligent industrial processes and services to positively impact some of the most challenging global trends in the automotive and manufacturing industries. BILSTEIN provides a challenging, yet encouraging atmosphere to let the imagination run wild.

Intentional relationships are an important part of BILSTEIN culture; they shape our daily lives together. We trust, help and respect each other in our work – as a matter of principle and because it makes us more successful. Sometimes this means we muster the courage to address difficult situations quickly, fairly and objectively. Our Frontline Leaders and Managers lead by example, encouraging their teams to live out our values.

From minor changes in our work processes to innovative technology breakthroughs, as an active partner in the automobile industry, we are always looking for smarter and faster ways to carry out our business. We are dedicated, ambitious and open to new ideas. It is our mission to always be the leaders of our industry, and to push the limits of technology, innovation and engineering. BILSTEIN will continue to grow and expand our business to provide a progressive, technology-driven company atmosphere where quality and performance stem from attention to detail and precision.

At the cornerstone of every great company is honest clear and concise communication. At BILSTEIN we are no different. Our team members receive honest, transparent feedback from their fellow team members and from members of the management team. We have a “see it, say it” expectation amongst all team members encouraging everyone to speak up when they see the need. In doing so, our team members have the peace of mind that the Company has their best interests in mind in all situations.

At BILSTEIN of America, we believe it is our duty to engage in environmental stewardship, and corporate citizenship. To accomplish this mission, we have created our Built 2 Give Back (B2GB) philanthropic operating fund, a zero waste to landfill initiative and several social well-being projects.