BILSTEIN North America


Throughout the world, the name BILSTEIN is synonymous with the development of new technology and innovation in the manufacture of highly engineered shock absorbers. We have created solutions in balancing the needs of safety, suspension design and driving comfort for over 100 years. Our technology is unique in the way it reduces the vibrations of the vehicle springs to provide optimized road contact, ensuring the smoothest of rides. We work with our customers to provide the right system for the desired ride — from passive monotube shock absorbers to those that are adjustable, we have you covered for the optimal driving experience.

thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN of America, Inc. employs over 850 extremely focused, driven and passionate employees in four different locations throughout the United States: Poway, CA, Mooresville, NC, Troy, MI and our only North American production facility located at our U.S. headquarters in Hamilton, OH. This 24/7 facility uses the newest technology to assemble the majority of our shock-absorber production for three separate, yet integral, production groups — Original Equipment (OE), Aftermarket (AM) and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). For more information on our Greater Cincinnati location, please visit our Facilities page to learn more!

Relationship to thyssenkrupp & Automotive Technology

thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group consisting of five business areas: Automotive Technology, Industrial Solutions, Materials Services and Steel Europe. BILSTEIN is a business unit of thyssenkrupp’s Automotive Technology business area which produces high-tech components such as camshafts, steering columns and crankshafts for the automotive and machinery sectors worldwide.

thyssenkrupp’s five business areas span 79 countries and 461 companies. While there are many moving parts, we are a part of one company. “WE” is a term universally used by thyssenkrupp AG to represent global cohesiveness and cooperation, and is tantamount with our brand. We support our customers with the specific solutions they need – for today’s conventional drive as well as for the mobility of tomorrow. thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN of America, Inc. has been a reliable partner of the global automotive industry for over 100 years with its experience in materials, components and systems as well as plant engineering.

Throughout its 200-year history, thyssenkrupp has always helped shape change — in the first, second, third and now fourth industrial revolutions. Engineering expertise, group synergies, diversity and global reach define thyssenkrupp. We communicate this value proposition to our customers through our brand promise of engineering. tomorrow. together.

As a diversified industrial group, we deliver reliable, premium products, services and solutions – on time and at affordable prices. We invest in important technological innovations to better our community and environment. With our multi-purpose engineering activities, we make sustainable contributions towards the ongoing improvement of structural designs and systems in the automotive industry – making BILSTEIN a correspondingly renowned partner in our industry worldwide.

A long history is not enough to tackle the challenges the future presents. In the future, active damper systems will become more and more important as the flow of traffic is becoming autonomous. We are developing sustainable solutions to meet future demands, improving what already works and revolutionizing industries to make lives better and to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Our enterprise profits from cooperation and collaboration across different divisions, departments and areas of expertise. “Together” is not only a promise to our clients and partners, but also to ourselves as we work on a team. Everyone, whether employees or customers, is part of the BILSTEIN community. We believe “together” serves as the greatest reminder that the greatest goals can only be achieved as a team.

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