Email #24 - Additional Precautions Being Taken to Keep Employees Healthy



Email #24 – COVID-19 – Pandemic Planning – Additional Precautions Being Taken to Keep Employees Healthy 

With the reopening of the country, we now face an even greater battle to protect our employees and our business.  The relaxing of state and local restrictions will increase our social interactions outside of the workplace.  With every social interaction comes the possible risk of infection from the COVID19 virus.  Please be extra diligent in your personal life to protect yourself, your co-workers and all our families in the coming months.

We feel that we have been both extremely successful in the steps we have taken to protect our employees and lucky that we have not had a confirmed case sooner than last week.  In conversations we have had with the County Health Commissioner, she had some good insights as to how this virus is being spread.  As a result, we are implementing additional precautions to take our social distancing efforts to the next level in halting any potential spread within the plant.

Effective immediately, the following are either highly recommended or now required expectations when working in the plant:

·         Unless related to or living together, we highly discourage employees from carpooling to work.  If you must carpool to get to work, please wear your mask at all times while in the car.

·         More recently, medical professionals are advocating that the COVID virus can be contracted via air borne droplets through direct interactions with others who are infected.  Because of this, we have taken more tables and chairs out of the breakrooms where people need to take their masks off to eat and will be encouraging employees to eat outside.  To that end, we are purchasing more tables for employees to sit outside and eat while the weather is nice.  The more you are outside the less chance you have of breathing in the droplets as they dissipate or are blown away easier in the breeze or air currents.  We strongly recommend that all employees eat outside/or in their cars, by themselves.  Do not sit in your car with other employees and eat as you are not distancing yourselves and will be more susceptible to the virus.


·         Employees are no longer permitted to eat at their desks in the common areas such as the OE, AM & OPX office areas, Front Office, HR, Engineering Department, Quality Lab, etc. This means you are not to eat anything at your desk.  If you have a private office, you are permitted to eat in your office as long as you wipe down your desk immediately afterward. 


·         Employees are highly discouraged from going out to lunch together


·         All drinking cups are to have a lid.  This includes coffee cups, water glasses, etc.


·         To make the plant more comfortable we have reduced the temperature several degrees in all areas of the plant and the warehouse. 

·         If you are in an area with a lot of background noise such as the tube department, please avoid shouting at each other or getting close to hear others.  The louder you speak the more droplets you expel.  Instead, move to a quieter area to communicate.  We know that this may take more time but it will help reduce the spread.

·         All fan’s in the plant will be reviewed and most likely removed as a temporary measure. 

We encourage all employees to comply with these changes and to be patient and understanding with the steps we are taking to protect everyone.   We recognize that it is difficult and in many instances just plain inconvenient.  But please remember, the masks and the distancing keep from spreading the virus.  Everyone’s health is important.  Please do your part to keep yourself and others safe and healthy!


Based on our continuous improvement value & mindset, we are committed to continue working on improvements and safeguards to protect our employees and provide the safest possible working environment.  We ask you to support in this initiative by submitting your ideas to our COVID email hotline and our hotline 513-301-2311 (please leave a message).

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