Email #5 - Social Distancing in the Workplace


Please find below some temporary changes to our policies, all changes are effective immediate and until further notice.

Guidance on social distancing to maintain a healthy workplace;

·       Employee breaks will be staggered to minimize the number of employees in the breakroom at one time.  Office employees should respect this policy by avoiding lunch rooms during traditional “peak hours”.

·       Employees will be allowed to take their break at their workstation including eating and drinking.  This also applies for shop floor employees.

·       Some of our smaller conference rooms will be closed until further notice, these will be marked with signs.  PLEASE RESPECT THESE SIGNS.

o   Small conference rooms can still be used for single occupancy use.

·       All production meetings will be temporarily suspended.  Supervisors will need organize and manage topics one-one-one with employees.

o   Daily huddles; including production and office.

o   SQDC Meetings.

o   Shift handover meetings.

o   Launch meetings.

·       **In general all in-person meetings should be limited and only held in larger spaces with absolutely necessary employees.


Our local management team is in daily communication.  Now more than ever, the well-being of our employees is our primary focus. 

We will continue to distribute information as it becomes available.