Stephanie Flannery

Stephanie Flannery

Occupational Safety & Health Manager

Safety is our primary focus at thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN of America, Inc.. Everything we do is centered around pursuing a forward-facing safety and health culture. Our success in providing a safe place to work is contributed to determining failure causes systematically and preventing them permanently. Every Bilsteiner has a Safety Stop-Card attached to their badge and has the responsibility and authority to stop unsafe actions and conditions and seek solutions together. We use technology to make improving safety conditions easy and fast. We have an app where employees can report unsafe conditions and unsafe acts quickly and with ease. We then have a system to follow up on those reports with corrective and preventive actions.

Our Safety and Health team is active in equipping every Bilsteiner with the skills necessary to create and maintain a safe working environment. We also go beyond that by offering our employees access to a full-time Occupational Nurse and a Life Coach to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our employees. We also have a company dog, Piper the Poodle, who serves as the Director of Employee Morale. We like to focus on the Employee Experience, to keep our employees safe, happy, and healthy.

Our systematic approach to continually improve the health and well-being of our employees is why safety is our #1 value. To us, the safety of our employees is beyond a priority; it’s a value. Priorities change where the value of life doesn’t. At the end of July, our Bilsteiners hit a huge victory for Plant Hamilton: 500 days without a lost-time accident. Since then, we still haven’t had a lost-time accident and today marks our 605th day of no lost time!

This milestone is due in part to our Bilsteiners following the monthly safety training implementations and by holding one another accountable for their actions. We encourage them to look out for each other, not just themselves with our “See It, Say It” mentality.


Signing off,

Stephanie Flannery

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